A downloadable game for Windows

Take on the role of Kepler, self-proclaimed genius and shaman, to supply bags full of custom happy makers, called "Sunshine", to whatever population is left in your village with. If the world is going end soon anyways, they should at least enjoy their last days on earth ...

Game created with RPG Maker VX Ace for a school project, free to enjoy.
Average time to complete: 1-2h, you also might want to turn down the volume a little during fights :/

We forgot to mention all the additional scripts, that we used, in the credits:
- Ace Message System by Yanfly
- Word Wrapping Messages Boxes by KilloZapit
- XS-Core & XS-PreTitle by Nicke
- Keyboard Manager by Zalerinian

Content Warning: mature language, drug use, blood, cartoon violence

Install instructions

Copy files from archive, use Game.exe to start..
Most controllers/gamepads should be supported, hit F1 during play to edit control settings.
Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen.


SIAB_v130x.rar 67 MB